Friday, April 6

following ghost steps

I don't really like beach. I probably know what you're thinking? "Are you crazy? What is wrong with you?" and I might have a total reasonable explanation for such behavior. I live in a city in northeast of Brazil and as you may know my country is filled with beaches from south to north. Pretty much everything you have to do here involves a beach, I think I've seen it so much that I don't really get the point of the excitement, but I'm just talking about me I don't know about other people. I miss having actual season, winter, summer, spring. It's like a person who lives in Europe and hates winter but loves summer, I like winter, I don't hate summer, I just don't like it. Might think how crazy I must sound when I freeze during winter in some corner of London in december. 

I'm thinking about doing some changes in my room, and there it comes another soap opera! My room is really really small and it's quite difficult to move stuff around here. My best friend used to that I live in half-closet/half-office bedroom because my wardrobe occupies 50% of my room and my bed the other 50% and I have things to fill a full house ;) NO, I'm not a hoader! Actually I'm kinda am when comes to books and shoes and clothes and bags.... yeah, okay then. So I'm going through a very minimalistic decoration fase and want to move stuff around and hide everything...huum so let's see how this turns out. 

So I spent my easter holiday with my dad at his beach house and couldn't help and took my tripod and camera to snap some photos. Wearing an extremely lazy outfit, my Renner t-shirt which is a bit big for me, my H&M shorts, Melissa shoes, Swatch watch, Miu Miu glasses. 

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