Sunday, June 24

Dream world, you've been living in a dream world

If you follow me on Facebook (and if you still not there, don't panic! here) , you probably saw me yesterday talking about the film "Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor. It was one of those fashion films that we, fashion people must watch at least once, and that I was  - what a shame! - procrastinating to see. Well, better late than never, and boy I felt in love with it. I adore Liz Taylor, she was an amazing actress, no surprise with that. But the clothes in it!! Jeeez, I want to dress like the Queen of Egypt, gold, lots of gold, head to toe pure gold and colours, lots of colours. Every scene a different outfit (and for that matter - a mini heart-attack).

Then, there I was searching the web for some light of inspiration to do an outfit based on her, but I wasn't lucky that much, so I came up with this. I felt that I was somewhere between Cleopatra and Samantha Jones in early SATC, I don't know. I can already predict the reaction of people when they see me wearing this. 

Good week for everybody! ;)

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