Saturday, June 23

Miu Miu and the dog

I took this picture of my dog last year during a shoot for college and I just can't get enough of it. Isn't she lovely? I can't believe Meg (that's her name) was so still, usually she is all bitchy about cameras and flash, especially wearing a huge sunglasses like this. Perhaps she knows how Miu Miu is good and was delighted to wear them. A good taste my little girl has. 
Or she is just sick of me talking about Miu Miu and when to check what it was all about. Either way, it looks adorable. ;)

Have you noticed some subtle changes here? Yeah, I'm not that ready to give a total makeover so I just added a few things to make your (also mine) life easier. From now on you can find all the other typical places where I am, together in the right corner. 
Subtle, but made me realize how much I must improve my HTML skills and how rusty I was. There it is, the result of staying two months away. 

Wish you all an awesome weekend ;)

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Dress and Dish said...

So so sooooooooooo CUTE!!! Love it! Your puppy has excellent taste!