Friday, June 22

A salad, A pizza, A flower all of them stuck in a concrete box

I just can't pick up my mind about this blouse, sometimes I think it looks like a huge salad but in the other hand I can also see a garden, maybe the garden next to The Emerald city where Dorothy lays down for a quick nap. What I love about this blouse (which is too big for me) it's all these oriental details. I need to find new ways of wearing it. It's a bit tricky, oo the lovely things you can find in a church's vintage shop.

This weekend is party time here in Brazil, it's called São João (or just Saint John) and it's when everybody goes to de countryside to drink, dance, eat and have lots of fun. 
It's quite enjoyable but like a good city girl that I am, I'll just stay and have my own lazy fun, which is stay indoors and select a few of my favourite movies, books and tv shows, work on essays and of course, my blog. 

I put a translator here on my blog, so you can just select your language and ta da! you can read it. 

I'm wearing my vintage blouse with my H&M shorts and Forever21 t-shirt underneath, bracelets made by myself and Santa Lolla shoes. 

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