Friday, July 20

Lady Edith Crawley

Downton Abbey is one of my favourite TV Shows ever. Okay, I know I have like 109374838 favourite TV shows, but this one it will always have a special place in my heart, I can't wait  for the third there are no spoilers in bff hadn't watched yet, so she would kill me if I say something... when I first heard of this show I won't lie I had my doubts....huuum an epic drama? this might be boring. But, after watching the first season in one day... it's only 7 episodes, I felt in love with it, yeah, in my face! The show captures our attention so deeply and smoothly that you don't even feel it and when you see, there it goes, season finale, and you want more. I totally indicate you to watch it, you're gonna love it. It's very far from the cry cry drama, it's witty and simple.

That being said, LOVE magazine gathered four of Downton Abbey's main characters to be on the cover of their eighth issue. This one is my favourite cover,  is Lady Edith Crawley, she is one of the three daughters of Robert and Cora Crawley, she is so dull in the show (and my least favourite character) and look at her, she looks good. I'm a bit sad because they didn't pick Matthew! He is goooorgeous and my favourite character. 

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Love Love Magazine! :D

Zoe_Flood said...

I've never seen it! I still really want to!

<3 zoe ( ´∀`)

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great blog!

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Beautiful! :)