Friday, July 13

Oh, Testino!

Okay, so this is not a tribute post just because Mario Testino launched yesterday his museum in Lima, Peru. Although, I think he truly deserved, his work is always astonishing, well done, full of rich details and personality. He is my third favourite photographer, first is Mr. Tim Walker followed by Patrick Demarchelier. 

I just loved this photo from his shoot for US Vogue here in my state, Bahia, Brazil. He has this gift of showing Brazil in the most creative way possible, C'mon we have several beautiful beaches but that's not an excuse to do the same boring "beach+bikini+model" combo all the time. And that's what I love about his works here, he is creative and outside the box. Oh,Testino, you can never do wrong.   

Wish you all an amazing weekend! ;) 

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simply amazing!


helen at thelovecatsINC said...


from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

Luna S said...

everything you said about him is sooo true! 100%. stop by sometime love x


Clara Turbay said...

I always find the best ideas in your blog so i come often.

Eva said...

Indeed an amazing photo! And you can't go wrong with having miss Kloss posing for you either :D x

Grazziella said...

Perfectly perfect !!!
Nice blog

Bisous from France

Grazziella said...

Perfectly perfect !!!
Nice blog

Bisous from France

harper matiko said...

amazing photograph

Marleen said...

This picture look amazing! I love, love, love it!



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Vera said...

Such a beautiful photo!