Monday, July 30

Smile like you mean it

I was planning to post this weekend but I was forced to postpone it. I hate when that happens, I'm not all crazy about posting everyday - quality over quantity always - but 2 days is a maximum for me. I don't like leaving my baby in the corner, no no no. At least the reason why I had to delay was to-ta-lly worth it! I got a new bed! Well, it's not exactly a brand new bed, just my old one recycled.You see, I used to have a bunk but with a desk instead of a bed underneath. So after long consideration me and my mom decided to chop off the desk and leave the bed. Great, great! Now you can see properly the "magazine wall" that I've been doing for a while now. I still have a tiny piece of wall to fill, I wonder what will I do when it's all done, maybe stop buying magazines,,,err I don't think so. 
Sorry but I don't remember the label of this dress, I bought last year for NYE and it's my favourite dress ever, looks like a bridge dress, isn't it? Maybe I could use it in my wedding. The jacket I won from my bff, and is from a local store called Opção. 

Have a great week everyone! ;)

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fashiongamble said...

wow love your poster wall! and the dress is really pretty too!

Jennifer said...

I love these photos - the wall is such a cool background!

xo Jennifer