Wednesday, July 18

What I wore on top of the world

What I like the most about the winter...yes, you read it write, here it's winter now, I told you guys before that we can't quite figure the seasons in here, except for one detail: during the winter we can put some cardigan or a light coat without melting like we would in January. And that's what I did last saturday, I was dying to wear this trousers so I ignored the sun and the fact that it was a saturday afternoon in a sunny city like mine and put my cardigan and my heels. 

It was my brother's birthday so I lucky me I could grab my sister to snap some photos. Good job, sis! ;) I'm wearing H&M cardigan, Forever21 t-shirt and bag, Riachuelo trousers and Zara heels.

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Clara Turbay said...

Amazing girl!

Charlotte said...

Great! Love that sight :)


Shannon said...

I love those shoes! Are they recent Zara? They're gorgeous. You have a wonderful blog, great style and photos!

- Shannon

Chahana said...

LOVE THIS OUTFIT! you wear it with such sophistication!


Diana said...

Love the wide leg pants! You look so cute!

Margarida Reis said...

you look so stylish.

Kendra Alexandra said...

Great style!
Love your blog by the way, about to go back through your old posts :)
I'll love to follow you on GFC if you follow me?


Vinny MS said...

Your outfit in this post is so pretty! Love the photo shoot too! <3
Do you mind to come to my blog? I actually looking for other blogger to be friend with, not just for visit & leave comment. Where we can talk through any social media or messenger. Well, you know what I mean. :)
I'd love to hear your reply! xx

Sabrina said...

Not everyone can pull off pants like that. I really love the way you styled it, especially with the subtle pop of colour in the adorable bag. Great styling!


We Can Pretend said...

Haha love the title of your post. beautiful blog. So glad i found it. Love your style, so similar to ours!

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Monja said...

stunning! xo

Lam - Style said...

Very nice outfit! If you want you can check my blog it would mean a lot!