Friday, August 3

A Place between fantasy and reality

Was it just me or this week passed really really fast? I mean... yesterday was monday kkk. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. One way or another, what really counts is - today is friday! \o\ \o/ /o/ So because now my social life is sooo high speed as my toddler sister's life, I must stay at home and cut some films out of my "fashion films" list. My computer is already slow because of the amount of movies in it. 

Let me just make a statement here... last week my beloved Blackberry died for good, and I still haven't got a new mobile...I'm using an old not-smartphone Samsung. As a good social media rat that I'm geeeez this feels like going back to the prehistoric times... If I start talking cavemen's language you'll know why... kkkk a part from the drama queen that I know I am, are you guys like this? Or is it just me? This is the thing about blogging, it's all blogging's fault, we get attached to social medias and internet and there it goes. 

I'm wearing a Berskha dress (I bought it as a blouse, but let's be honest that is way more cute as a dress, right? Except I must wear shorts underneath) in Paris way back in 2010, my H&M hat, Zara belt and Melissa x Vivienne Westwood shoes.

One more thing... have you guys noticed the changes in Such a Flour?... if you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I'm not ready for a drastic design change in my blog, so for now it's just a few improvements to make our life easier. Now you can see all the social places that I am, where is written "Social Media Rat", except for Chictopia because I couldn't find a proper symbol for that, but soon it will be there. You can now see my photos on Chicisimo, if you're there, let me know aaaand you can see my list on Lyst, if you like something, you can add to your list (if you have one). 
That's all for now folks! 

Enjoy the weekend  ;)

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Lauren said...

I adore this photo! That dress is such a cute summer staple! xx


Angela said...

Elle est tres chouette la robe!Super!

Angela Donava

La Mode Operandi said...

i totally agree. blogs, twitter, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, reddit BLAH! its all addictive, and when you have a blog, you have to update and research on everything else. My eyes are drying out just thinking about it.

Clara Turbay said...

Your blog is great, fun, and I can find nice things.

Fashion Blends said...

Such a cute pic :)
Would love for you to check out my new post