Thursday, September 20

cheerio, old chap!

I swear that I wasn't dancing "Gangnam Style" in this last photo, even though it looks like. kkk Let's do some time travel now..I haven't worn this skirt for AGES, I think I bought it in 2007 and it was forgotten and alone at my mother's house. Funny how things that we used to wear everyday can magically be forgotten. I used to wear it everywhere, it was that kind of piece that if I left it somewhere, it would find it's way back to my house. It's safe to say that after my stay in London I came back more huum... willing to try new things, so some of my jeans pieces were left behind, including this one. 

Wearing it with a vintage blouse that my grandma bought in Greece, my beloved Converse, Chilli Beans Sunnies, bracelets from Acessorize and some that I've made. 

Sorry for being missing this week. I've been very busy trying to get a new job. I've decided that it's time to work properly in the industry. 


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