Tuesday, September 11

The world is a better place when it's upside down

Do you know what I love about september? TV shows new seasons. I get to see my favourite characters and get all crazy again. So, to be fully honest... I can't wait! I don't really know why I started this post talking about it, because there is nothing in my photos that shows a sign of a TV show or a TV for that matter, but who cares?! We all have that one (or thousand) TV show that we love and care for. 

If you've been reading my blog for a while and pay little attention it you may realise that I'm a true, loyal and insatiable fan of Melissa shoes, I can easily say that 90% of my shoes are Melissas and I wouldn't change that for nothing in this world. I actually intent to make my "Melissa family" bigger and bigger. Because, we all know that a shoe family must grow and grow to an Anna Dello Russo level. Just saying. I`ll show you my Melissa family one day. Promise.

I've been trying to do different things with my hair, I've been doing crazy cuts for a while now (yes, I cut my own hair) and it seems the right time to let it grow like it used to be. But sometimes, it's so boring a straight look...and I'm also tired of the natural colour kkkk might change for my B-day next month. The true funny fact about my curly journey is the fact that  I always put too much hairspray and my hair gets really really thicker kkk but I think might be my hairspray... I use James Brown London...and this only happens with it. Did that ever happened to you guys? 

Wearing: Ray Ban glasses, vintage blouse, Forever21 skirt and Melissa shoes.



Kristina said...

I love Melissa shoes too. I have two pairs....and am also growing the collection.

Lam - Style said...

Very nice shoes!


.sabo skirt. said...

Nice floral skirt. It looks cute on you.

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Angela said...

Elles sont superbes les photos!J'aime beaucoup les chaussures!
Angela Donava

The Fashion Milkshake said...

Great post!

Love your skirt and really need a blouse like that !!

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Ester Ulaya said...

nice outfit

Victoria said...

Such a lovely look. I really like your skirt!

- Victoria

Clara Turbay said...

it´s so inspiring and this is the the perfect way show it off. @paquetevistasbi

Eva said...

Beautiful outfit! Love those shoes :) xx


Arden said...

You are so cute! Those shoes are actually awesome - I've never tried a Melissa before, but I always here such good things I think I must. xx

Liliana Garcia said...


I’m following you, see my :)


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KERRIN said...

these pictures are so much fun! let's follow each other! xx

Jennifer said...

Very cute print mixing!

xo Jennifer


mphretz said...

fun combination!!


Julye said...

beautiful pictures !!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

your outfits are always so fun and fresh looking. adore you!