Sunday, September 2

When you came in, the air when out

When it comes to fashion I am a "never say never" kind of girl, except of course if you're talking about Crocs and Ugg boots.For me the most important thing is to be as creative as possible and always think outside the box, there are countless choices in this world so must try everything at least once, just to emphasise I'm talking about fashion here, okay? Don't go doing crazy stuff or doing drugs just because you saw me saying things like that. Deal? 
I'm probably the last person on earth to buy loafers, nothing against them, on the contrary, always found them cute and comfy, like a king's slippers. But it was only until last week when I was shopping for a pair o jeans that I found this blue one and felt over heels for it. I think I spent my whole week on this beauty, it's as comfortable as I imagined and it goes with everything.  Totally worth it. 

Now that I have an Instagram account, I want to point some things out, I realised that depending on how you use it, it can be a good or a really bad thing to your blog. When we create a post, we must plan, check, recheck, have good photos and work our asses to keep our content up to date. With Instagram we take and upload pictures instantly, sometimes even without thinking if matches our content or not and more, sometimes leaving our blogs  without new posts, it can happen. But on the other hand, you can use this as a weapon, to make your blog more unique, working on more complicated shoots and creative outfits. Making you app just as an appetiser to your blog. Think about it. 

Wearing it with my beloved Stella McCartney for C&A blazer, vintage blouse, Opção jeans and Moleca loafers.

Just so you know, I had some problems with my Twitter account, so I have a new one, link below!

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Aline Vieira said...

Tá chique hein, benhê?!

Nathan Niche said...

Love the polka dot shirt, it's super adorable, love the blazer, it adds a whole new dimension to the look! ;D

xx nathan.niche


A Tablespoon of My Life said...

the loafers are absolutely divine! such a great outfit :)

Suzie Q said...

Beautiful photos! Love the polka dot top!

Suzie Q

Tesa said...


GlamorousGirl said...

so cuuuteee :)


Really cool and classy you're wearing! I like it a lot!

With Love,


Borjana said...

Oh my!What's not to love here babe!;)

Coco said...

lovely photos)

Trend Steps said...

Oohh love your outfit hon! You look gorgeous. Browsed through the rest of your blog as well, and i adore your sense of style, you are just too beautiful :D

Victoria said...

So chic! I love those loafers. The perfect pop of color :)

- Victoria

Clara Turbay said...

Excellent suggestions whenever I visit your blog.

Arden said...

I love the blouse! xx

Ilya Trifonenkov said...

great style!

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