Wednesday, October 10

Goldeneye no time for sweetness

Yesterday I learned a lesson. Never, ever underestimate the power of a good golden pants. As you read Here, I was looking forward to wear this and see people's reaction. As a matter of fact, I was surprised, I was expecting more staring and dirty looks but no. Perfect! I got more dirty looks wearing floral jeans.
This is a more "neutral" way for wearing them. Last time I matched with a floral kimono. This thing is so bright in dark, truly it can light up the look. Planning to wear them again very soon. I have this ability for wearing extravagant pieces like they were as simple as a pair of jeans. 

I'm wearing it with my Stella McCartney x C&A blazer, Zara shoes, Renner t-shirt and Barnes&Nobles time turner. 



Kristina said...

They look amazing on you.

thirtysomethingchic said...

great outfit

LOIS said...

cool leggings :)
Love Lois xxx

Laura Dittrich said...

Awesome pants! They look great with that blazer and heels. x

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