Tuesday, October 2

Red girl in a castle made of glass

I don't know what's going on with me lately, but I'm in a "red vibe", perhaps is the hair. A need for matching it with my clothes, who knows. This blazer is vintage, and my grandmother gave it to me, it looks brand new, even though it's when she was younger, still has the shoulder pads and everything. My blouse my grandmother made it to my mom when she was pregnant, now my sister is born and blouse is all mine! kkk I felt in love with it, look at the collar, you can use as a more lady like or add some modern and edge vibe to it. 

I always wanted to shoot here, I tried once, but didn't turn out the way that I was expecting. This is my grandfather's miniature collection, he's been collecting since I can remember, he made this wood shelf (I'm not sure if I can call it a shelf but I couldn't find a more specific word...showcase maybe?) himself a couple years ago, because they were all over the house. Now, it seems much better, they have a proper space. I don't know if I ever mentioned this but my grandparents are artists, they used to draw and paint and make all sort of things. We have paintings and frames all over the house. You would be surprised by the things you can find here, sometimes even I am. But the shelf (showcase) looked good as a background, right? 

I'm wearing vintage blazer and blouse, Forever21 jeans, Zara belt and Santa Lolla shoes.



.sabo skirt. said...

Nice top! It looks great on you. We love it!

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Jules said...

Such a pretty jacket, love the color! You matched it very well :)

XO Jules

Jennifer said...

Darling outfit :)

xo Jennifer