Thursday, October 4

Some visionaries broke into my house

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, there's always time, check @suchaflour) you probably saw a bunch of pictures of this book. My latest book shop. Funny thing that I haven't written anything about books in here, and they take a significant part of my life.  My long pile of unread books haunts like a ghost everyday, but one day I'll be done with it. I'm pretty sure. So, back to business, this book is marvellous. "Stylist - New Fashion Visionaries" by Katie Baron is one of those books that everybody who wants to be a stylist must have. Or if you're just interested in it. 

The thing that I liked about this book more than the other ones that I've read is because they talk about the career, the importance, what's like, etc. It really bugs me when I buy a book about a certain kind of professionals and it's all interviews. I want to know their path but I also want to know why being a stylist is so important. "Stylist" it's a perfect mix. 
You know what makes even better? Nicola Formichetti, Katie Grand, Melanie Ward, among others.  You can find on Amazon.

 (Para os brasileiros, é possivel encomendar na Livraria Cultura, leva umas 6 semanas, mas chega direitinho)



Joy Oelen said...

wow great blog

thirtysomethingchic said...

Thank you for the review. I´m gonna look for the book =)