Friday, October 5

Story Teller

I want to go to London. RIGHT NOW!! I probably said this sentences in this exact order more than my own name in this past 3 years. But now, I  have a more specific and better reason to say it out loud. Tim Walker, my favourite photographer ever (I don't know if I said this before, but I have three favourite photographers...Tim Walker, Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino) is having an exhibition at Somerset House supported by Mulberry. 

What I love about Walker's work is his ability to think outside the box, he can make a simple, ugly room looks like the most beautiful and fairly place in the world. Full of detail images,the ability of turn a crazy collage into a real image. Because of him, I started to make collages of everything that inspires me. He has tons of books about it. 

The exhibitions' name is "Story Teller", and I can assure you that no one can tell a story better than Tim Walker. So, just because I can't sell a kidney to go, I have decided to put together some of my favourite pieces of his work. I'm quite ashamed that I haven't post anything about him yet.

If you want to know more about the exhibition, you can check these websites: Somerset House and Mulberry .



Kristina said...

I live in London. And I LOVE Tim Walker. Should I go...nanananananna? ;) just kidding

Kristina said...

Well, I'll definitely go to the exhibition, but I'm not sure about post on the blog. Most galleries are really anal about not taking photos of exhibited material. If I manage to do it, I'll probably do the post. If not, well...kinda silly having a post with NO pictures. :(