Thursday, October 18

The magic that a good sequin can bring

I'm the kind of person that believes a good sequin piece of clothing is always a good choice. Not only sequin I may add, everything that sparkles. This vintage sequin jacket is not actually mine, it belongs to my grandmother, she is just like me, a sequin lover. Since I found this beauty hanging in her closet I beg her to give it to me. Unfortunately she is really attached to it...but honestly who wouldn't? So, for my consolation she always let me borrow  when I want. Good grandma! =) Even though is sad for me, I can totally get her. I wouldn't want to give this to any living soul. 

I'm wearing it with my Forever21 flower skirt, Raphaella Booz shoes and bracelets from H&M and Accessorize. 



Kristina said...

It's very 80's but also so very now. Great jacket.

thirtysomethingchic said...

Nice jacket and it looks great with the flower skirt