Thursday, October 11

The world is not enough

I love when my grandparents clean their closets, It's always good...I really mean alwaaaayss! I get to select some nice vintage pieces. They take good care of their clothes, so most of the time they are in pretty good shape. This blouse was in the bottom of the bottom of the big pile of clothes that grandma is giving to charity**. It's really old, I still remember her wearing it when I was a child. It's one of her designs. The fabric is so soft and cozy that makes me sleepy. I think the time made it softer.  I'll be wearing it a lot in this melting summer, because it's really fresh. I think some very old clothes, with the right styling and a modern look, can look better than some new ones. 

I'm wearing it with my Ray Ban sunnies, Forever21 shorts and Santa Lolla shoes.



Kristina said...

I love the shoes actually. Great colour and shape.

the style crusader said...

Love your outfit. The necklaces are really beautiful! xx

Life's a shoe said...

great look! loving your accessories!

Meganne Hirsch said...

Love this interesting combo of colors and patterns! Great blog by the way!
Meganne from The Vanity Theory