Wednesday, November 21

And I go back to black

Hello there! I'm back baby! I have to admit, I really hate to be away from my blog for this long, and the sad truth is that sometimes this happens more that it should. What makes me feel worse/reallygood is to see that people still come and leave messages for me and tell how much they like my blog, this makes me feel so good and makes me crazy to come back and write and share more things with you. Thank you very very much. 

So to avoid this again I made myself a promise that I truly intend to keep. Baby steps, I'll post everyday. Week after week, month after month, this is a promise for me but also for everyone who likes my blog and wants to come here and see new things. 

Speaking of, I have a new job (biggest reason for my lack of time) in a store of a famous brazilian brand called Iodice. Retail, was in the bottom of list of choices for work, as you guys know I love magazines and photography and my dream job is to work as a stylist. BUT, for now, a girl has to pay her bills and unfortunately I'm not a full-time blogger (yet). 

I'm wearing my latest purchase from Ebay, this lovely jumper with this funny fur rabbit, it's quite heavy because it's actually fur, it's cute, isn't? My good H&M shorts, Converse and Swatch Gant watch.


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