Monday, November 26

iPhone and Pudding Camera in paradise

A couple weeks ago, I got the marvellous chance to visit this amazing resort/spa in ImbassaĆ­ with Aline and her family. Seeing these photos again makes me miss this place so much, it's called Grand Palladium. All the relaxing sunbathing (yes, you read it right, but I used a sunscreen 50 so I wasn't too tan, which for me is a good thing), pool, the hot tub, the bed!! God how I miss that bed kkkk  Funny was to be almost offline for most of the days, I managed just fine, sometimes we must leave our computers at home and turn off the internet in our phones and have a good time. I wouldn't mind at all to go back and spend a couple of weeks more. 

I took my camera, but carrying it around was a challenge so it was up to my Iphone to do the job. I downloaded an app called Pudding Camera, which is basically a lomographic camera, and you can choose which camera to use and the film. I had fun playing with it, planning to use a lot, you don't even have to edit the photos a lot after and the quality is good. 


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