Friday, November 30

Life is too short

"Life is too short" I always listened to this sentence but never gave much thought. These couple of weeks, this is what was shouting in my head everyday. Unfortunate events happened to people close to me. Everything is going to be ok soon, but I can't help but wonder, sometimes we spend to much time thinking about silly and tiny things like they were huge, deep and scary. Some of them are, but we grow stronger after them, and we learn how to handle things better in the future. At least, in theory. 

Did you like my hat? I bought in a vintage store, my favourite here and to be completely honest, I don't have a place to wear it except here. But it was love at first sight, plus it was super cheap. Two good combinations.

I'm wearing it with my Calvin Klein Jeans blouse, vintage skirt and Santa Lolla shoes.


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thirtysomethingchic said...

nice outfit. love your skirt =)