Thursday, January 3

My favourite place in town

Yesterday, I payed a quick visit to my number 1 favourite place in town. The Airport. 
Yes, I know what you're probably thinking "why on earth do you like the airport?" the answer to that questions is : "I just don't know". I live near the airport so I grew up with planes disturbing me when I'm on the phone or watching TV. 

So there is something about this place that really attracts me. I don't know if it's because I love to travel and have such cool memories sleeping and walking around. (When you spend the whole night in LAX or Heathrow you kind of learn how to love). And when I was younger my grandmother used to bring me here just to spend time or have an ice-cream. You know, have an afternoon at the airport. Just cool stuff. 

My outfit couldn't been more simple. In this heat, for crying out loud!! it's hard to find something that keeps you from melting. Seriously, I can't stand this heat sometimes. There is no make-up whatsoever that will last and it doesn't matter how many showers you take, it's not enough. I know that I'm a drama queen, but there's no drama here. Trust me. 

 I'm wearing a vintage blouse, Forever21 jeans, Santa Lolla shoes, Ray Ban sunnies and the belt I "stoled" from my grandfather. 



ambika said...

Love the simple plaid look!
Nice blog!

would you like to follow each other?
Let me know and I will love to follow you.

the style crusader said...

Gorgeous photos. I love your simple outfit and the location is beautiful! xx