Tuesday, January 22

My style icon

Photo: Jak & Jil

 I had tons of style icons in my life. From Wendesday Addams to Elle Woods to Anna Dello Russo, trust me, I had it all! Now, I'm settled for something in between a tomboy and a ladylike with a bit of drag queen (sparkles,baby!). But, like Diane Von Furstenberg said "personal style come easily for some, but others needs to work it out" and I did work it out. Trying the most hideous things, thinking I was awesome. Well, this is the whole point of trying, right? Today, most of my clothes are vintage or Ebay finds, and I tend to steal from grandpa's closet. 

But from the first time I saw Emmanuelle Alt, I felt in love with her style. It's so edgy, chic and simple. I could dress like this forever, If I didn't have my Drag/Marie Antoinette side. Specially because she is always with some blazers and tight jeans on, two things that I believe makes women even more powerful. Am I right?

So, let me know, who is your style icon?

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Very beautiful!


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MDS* said...

She's amazing!

h² fashion said...

I love this post! And that's what fashion is all about, taking risks and trying different things. Sometimes we make mistakes, but we look back at them and laugh. I know I'm looking back at some of my high school outfits and asking myself "Why?!" haha.

My style icon is Lauren Conrad. Not only for her style, but for her characteristics and overall personality. She always dresses in a chic and classy way and carries herself with poise. She stays out of the tabloids and is a great role model.

Great post dear!


Patrycja Photography said...

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Mary Lee said...

these are lovely pictures! love the heels

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Nesrin Bozlak said...

Beautiful post. My style icon is definitely Miroslava Duma! Love her sense of style.



eloise fontaine said...

Awesome! such a great blog ;)


le style child said...

perfect! my style icon will forever be MK olsen. she never fails!

Marlen said...

haha wednesday adams, that was awesome! and i love your style icon, she looks so simple but chic. i feel like i can never dress simple because then i feel boring. i really wish i could pull it off. and i have to say, i tend to gravitate towards the grandpa style too ;)

xo Marlen
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Nonchalant Rebel said...

She is amazing!!

xx Mounia

Pardon My Fashion said...

Alt is so wonderful. I love the whimsy of Miroslava Duma's style.


Danika said...

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Le Petit Plastique said...

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canvasofculture said...

Haha I went through an elle woods faze many years ago too, no worries:) I love Alexa Cheung's style, but i'm inspired by a bunch of bloggers on here too! It changes all the time

Adora Mehitabel said...

Beautiful www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

India said...

she is amazing!!!