Monday, January 7

The Bike Song

Photos: Flavia Joanna

I can't remember the last time I rode a bike. To be honest, I'm not a very sporty person, which I know it's not a good thing and I should probably change that now that it's the beginning of the year. Add a new resolution to my list. So, there I was, laying in my bed watching another episode of Castle (new addiction) when my friend Flavia invited me for a ride in this park called PituaƧu. I haven't been here since I was 15 years-old when I used to come with my dad. It seemed a good idea and plus: a perfect place for a shoot. We saw so many cool places that were worth shooting, OMG! I always wanted to come here and snap some photos, but alone with a tripod it's NOT a good idea at all. Flavia is also the photographer behind these photos, Isn't she talented? This is our first shoot together. 

After 15km I couldn't move an inch and I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to move for a while. #lazypersonproblem and damn, I was right. I slept the whole afternoon after that. This wasn't in my resolution list but we can all agree that 15km for a couch potato like me, it's a great achievement.;) 

Even with this totally simple and unglamorous outfit, I still managed to melt. Told you about the heat. I'm wearing a Renner t-shirt (that managed to make me look fat), Forever21 shorts, Converse and Chilli Beans sunnies. 



Danika said...

Great photos!!Visit and check my new post!!

Angela said...

nice photos!

Angela Donava

Flavia Joanna said...

really like them here :)

eloise fontaine said...

great pictures :)


Jennifer said...

love these!

xo Jennifer