Monday, February 25

Daily Uniform

Renata Wandega-Valente, Daily Uniform

My life right now it's a bit crazy. I'm preparing my application for a post graduate course and it's driving me crazy. I learned that the pressure you put in yourself is worse than the pressure from other people and if you don't have a good mind or a good friend, you might get crazy. 
But, apart from the stress, I'm enjoying every second of it and every second I'm more sure of what I want in my life: being a stylist. I know it's a hard path and there are a zillion stylist and wannabes out there but I don't care, I'll give my best and try as much as I can. :)

This outfit it's been my life savior for this past week. My grandfather's blouse, H&M shorts and my Moleca loafers.   

I wish you all an amazing week. 

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