Tuesday, February 5

My life would stuck without you

Hello there, did I ever said here that my grandfather is a painter? Well, at least he was, I grew up around paints, frames and brushes. I even tried sometimes, thinking I could be the next big thing, buut it was only mess and and ink on the walls. He was always so pissed at me when this happened. Today, we still have all everything and they look so seductive to shoot that I couldn't resist. Speaking of, did you like my skirt? Remember that I said my grandmother made that dress? Well, she surprised me with this adorable skirt, she said the fabric it's more than 20 years old and was still intact in her atelier. I love when she start making clothes, there is always something for me ;)

I'm wearing it with an old vintage t-shirt I bought in a British Heart Fundation store in London in 2008 and my Melissa boots. 



COSMICaroline said...

What a great blog, keep it up!

Jennifer said...

cute skirt!

xo Jennifer