Tuesday, April 23

The Rebirth

Such a Flour, Renata Wandega-Valente, the Rebirth 1
Such a Flour, Renata Wandega-Valente, the Rebirth 2
Such a Flour, Renata Wandega-Valente, the Rebirth 3
Photos: Flavia Joanna

So many things have changed since we last spoke, Such a Flour now it's ".net" instead of ".com", I no longer work for brazilian brand Iodice, now I work at Zara, got my wisdom tooth ripped out (I've met Mss.Pain, so bad!) , among other things. My blog was in a strange place, our relationship was put in a hold. Obviously, we didn't break up, this is a long term relationship, with ups and downs but never ends. So, after a while I got myself thinking, asking myself the ultimate questions that I believe every blogger have to ask "why do I blog?" "what do I want to achieve?" "How?" "How long?" and the list goes on. I still have some to fill up but the truth is I enjoy blogging and styling, I love it, actually. It makes me feel good. Makes my head spin, I can't even sleep because Mr. Brain likes to brainstorm until dawn. 

What's next, then? I want to talk more about stylist, the professionals, the career, who works where. I do believe that are people who share the same feeling and have so many cool informations to share.

These photos were taken in a museum, my favourite place ever! It's sad that we can only shoot outside and it's on renovation.  I'm wearing a Renner dress, Melissa shoes and Chilli beans sunnies. 

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Cindi said...

I am loving the effects on these photos, they somehow come off very mysterious. I like it a lot! :)