Friday, May 17

Francesca Burns

I couldn't start the new section of Such a Flour with no one else except Francesca Burns. I discover her work two years ago and got completely hooked, she is my favourite stylist ever. I think she is amazingly talented and her photos are full of rich details and lively. When I look at her photos, I feel like I want to be that girl, makes me smile, it's joyful. I usually look straight to her photos when I'm looking for inspiration for my shoots. So here is a small compilation of her work. 

Photos found on Pinterest. 


Milex said...

Looks amazing!

Meekay said...


eloise fontaine said...

such a cute outfit! :)


Angela said...

awesoem top)
love the post!

Angela Donava

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

All of these outfits are amazing.. each photo has such a gorgeous distinct personality. Great post. xE