Wednesday, June 19

Completely Random Shoot

I wasn't suppose to make a post with these photos, but they were quite nice ...and I look good in most of them... so I said, why not? They were taken mainly to update my "About" page and to put one here on the top right corner.  That being said, I decided to make this post, talking about...myself. Every (not every every..sorry) about myself that it's hard to share all the time in my posts, because I try to focus on my photos and my styling practice more.

Well, as you guys already know I'm from Brazil, if you ever heard about Carnival, you heard about my hometown, it happens here in February. But despite the fact that I live in a sunny country, I'm mad about winter (crazy, right?). One time I thought it was all about that rule "the neighbours' garden is always more green than yours" but no, after living in London, I know I love winter. The coats, gloves, tights, everything. Speaking of, my favourite city in the whole wide world it's London, I lived in California, visited some great cities, but London really got me from the first time I sat my feet there, it felt like home, crazy, I know. So after that I felt in love more and more with british culture. Even my favourite TV shows are british, Downton Abbey and Doctor Who, I'm absolutely-no-words-to-describe mad about them. (Still in season 4 of Doctor Who because I'm too sad to stop watching David Tennant) 

- Another passion, TV shows. I have the biggest list of shows to watch. From The Fall (another british) to The Big Bang Theory. 
- My favourite food it's really junky...McDonald's, Oreos and crazy about brownies (favourite ones? from Morrisson's, but I'm not sure if they sell anymore). 
- If I wasn't in fashion, I'd probably be working as an architect or a web designer. I LOVE internet and social medias...I think they are fantastic. 
-I would love to work in a Museum. 
- My favourite art period is Italian Renaissance but I do like Picasso a lot and also Dali and Toulouse Lautrec.
- I watched Mamma Mia (theatre version) four times in London. 
- Dead people I would love to chat? Marie Antoinette, Judy Garland and Coco Chanel.
- Films I seen the most in my life? The wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind
- I have 5 siblings, none of the live with me and I live with my grandparents.
- I'm single (candidates, please queue here kkkk)
- Dream trip? Japan and Egypt
- Biggest fear? Ocean! Even though I would go all the way down to see the Titanic for real. (I would go with my eyes closed but it would be worth it) 
- Favourite stylist? TOP 3: Francesca Burns, Lucinda Chambers and Grace Coddington.
- Photographers? Tim Walker, Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino. (Blogger, it would be Zanita! I'm a huge fan of her work) 
- I've been blogging for 3 years now, I had 4 blogs before Such a Flour, the biggest one and my last was called RWVGIRL and I deleted after feeling that it wasn't in the right direction and I wasn't growing with it. Everything felt wrong. And that was a great decision, Such a Flour it's a whole new level for me and I'm learning in ways you can't possibly imagine. I hope to learn and grow more and more. 

I would go all the way, but I don't want to bore you with a big text all that information you can tell the crazy (and adorable) person I am. I'm wearing a Zara blouse in the photos. 

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Peet said...

You just deleted everything after 3 years?? That seems drastic.:) I'm a huge Dali aficionado too and I've always wanted to go to Japan, but on the other hand I love ocean and sea and hate social media.:D