Sunday, June 16

Sarajane Hoare

I love to find new professionals, new names, new inspiring people to search and learn about. It keeps me going and makes your horizons bigger, that's why I believe we should always study and keep searching about our industry (if yours it's not fashion, should do it too), the people that creates it and helps to built a stronger image of it. 
Specially when it comes to stylists (I know I'm very suspicious to talk about them) but everybody is so keen on learning the designers' names and their work, but what about the stylists? They are as important as the designers and their work is as creatively challenging.

I won't lie but, I never heard about Sarajane Hoare until I read the latest issue of Vogue Brasil, where she joined Mario Testino to shoot Gisele Bundchen. She is a stylist who is well known by her work for British Vogue in the 90's, worked with supermodels such as Gisele, Kate Moss, Veruscka, Naomi Campbell, among others. There aren't a lot of good data about her online, which is annoying because I can see by her work that she is extremely talented. What caught my eyes was the way she worked with colours, the contrast. But, she has a book! called "Talking Fashion" (you can find it on Amazon) and obviously, mine it's already on it's way.

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