Friday, July 12

Katy England

"In all honesty, I probably always look to the street before the catwalk. I generally go for real people rather than models because, for me, it`s about how somebody wears the clothes and how it becomes really personal. I've done plenty of crazy fantasy stuff of course but my preference is to veer towards reality [...]" Katy England

The first time I heard about Katy England was when I saw the photo of Devon Aoki looking like a zombie. After that I did a research and photo after photo I felt more in love with her work. But the feeling was different from what I felt with Francesca's work (Burns, last post here) England's work it's dark and heavy but at the same time it's vibrant and very alive. They have this element of deconstruction and regeneration, it's just amazing.   

England is one the stylist who established themselves in association with new style magazines of the early 1990s. She worked for Elle, Dazed & Confused (where she became of the most innovative image-maker), Another Magazine and Creative Director of McQueen's Studio. She was professionally close with Alexander McQueen, she worked on every stage of the creative process, from researching to being at every single fitting, from commercializing a collection to directing shoes and bag designers. She is also a contributor to SHOWstudio, a fashion website created by Nick Knight, where they create fashion films, editorials, etc. 

If you want to check it out, it's totally worth it - SHOWstudio 
You should also check England's Intrepid - INTREPID 

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