Monday, August 5

The girl in the black dress

Such a Flour is back! I'm not quite sure of how many times I've said this. Sometimes when my life outside blogging gets too busy, too complicated or too lazy, my blog pays the awful price...being left in the corner. Perhaps, this is something I must try to change, because I do love blogging, and I really enjoy myself styling outfits and creating images. 

This time, the responsible for my absence was my Macbook's charger. After three years, my poor late charger had his last breath and left me without warning and a pc. This fact made me realise how much I depend on my computer... not ashamed to say, I'm one of those crazy geek addicted, so I had to wait 2 weeks to get a new. Can you imagine? Drama drama drama... But now I've got a brand new one and I'm finally back. And hopefully there won't be breaks or a busy times any time soon.

I'm wearing a Forever21 dress with Dune shoes and vintage jewellery my grandmother gave  me. 

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