Tuesday, October 1

A Girl's First Garden

Sunday in London. My first thought: let's find a quiet garden so I take my tripod for a walk and snap some photos. OH Silly, girl! You didn't I know that finding an empty garden in London in a sunny sunday afternoon it's almost impossible, right? Right. So, there I was, tripod, camera and totally unsuitable shoes for sightseeing, trying to hide behind a tree. I'm not used to being able to take my photos in public places without having a bunch of people staring at me, or asking what I'm doing. Here I can be the crazy girl taking pictures of herself without being judged. A hundred points for England! 

I'm wearing a Renner blouse, Asos skirt - it was crazy how people were staring at this skirt, I'm not sure if they were finding strange or nice, but it definitely caught their attention - and the so very popular Zara shoes. I tried to snap them together in Brazil, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted, now is cool! 


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