Friday, October 18

Brand New Possibilities


I don't want to make you bored out of your minds reading this post, but there is something I wanted to share. There are two things I've learned during my first month here in London, things that I always knew but it seems more clear to me now. First is that "home is where your heart is", when I read Kelly Cutrone's book - If You Have To Cry Go Outside - I thought that in some way she understood me, I read that book so many times that I lost count. There is something Kelly said that always made perfect sense to me : sometimes your "home" is not necessarily the place you're born, sometimes you must travel far away to find that special place where, even though you are alone, you don't feel lonely. There is nothing wrong about it, just keep searching.That's exactly how I feel about London, this crazy, grey and magical city makes my heart beat faster. I'm not sure if I'm going to feel like this in 5 months, but for now, it's all I know. The second thing and the most important thing is, you must always stay open to new possibilities, once you keep your mind and your body open, amazing things can happen, like Chuck Bass once said, "the magical word is YES". It all sound very boring and clich√© but it's kinda working for me.. for now. 

I'm wearing vintage sequin jacket from my grandmother, Renner dress, Zara boots and H&M bracelets.  


Ca. said...

One of your best posts so far!
Nothing is cliche in life.
It's like: we all know but we all forget so its good to be reminded of it!
You look your best ever also!
I'd love to see you in feb it'd be a great b-day gift for myself to go to London!

Izael Garrido said...

You've an unique style and blog girl :) those boots are really cool
I'll keep my eyes on you

Lauren said...

You are looking so gorgeous in this outfit! Loving London really shows on you!!

Lauren at adorn la femme

S. said...

Love the sequined jacket <3